2015. október 27., kedd

A CEU-n a menstruáló nőket sem diszkriminálják, de nem ám

Senki se tagadhatja, hogy nagyon liberális vagyok és az emberi jogok elkötelezett híve, de azért ez még nekem is sok:

Dear CEU community,
HRSI launched the campaign “Menstruation friendly couches and sofas at CEU” on 19th of October, 2015.
It was brought to our attention that the campaign gave rise to different interpretations across the campus. In this regard, we would like to bring more clarification on the campaign and provide you with some useful information.
“Menstruation friendly couches and sofas at CEU” is a teaser campaign which is part of a  bigger campaign that is planned to take place on 28th of May. We plan to organize a short teaser campaign every month until
May 28, which is the Menstrual Hygiene Day.
The purpose of the first teaser campaign was to raise awareness about the fact that menstruation can be painful and is not very comfortable. People who are bleeding every month often do not talk about this experience due to several taboos and stereotypes surrounding menstruation. Therefore for many of us, menstruation is still an unknown process without being fully conscious how painful or difficult it can be. Having this reality, we asked ourselves:  how comfortable is CEU campus? Where is it possible to rest on the CEU campus while coping with pain and discomfort?

Being treated equally and non-discriminatory is a human right. Equality does not only mean lack of discrimination but also  accommodation of the context in accordance with the needs of people. For example, there is a prayer room at CEU for people of different religions who are entitled to exercise their right to religion. Similarly, CEU puts consistent efforts into becoming an inclusive and accessible university for people with disabilities. Therefore we thought to become more aware of how comfortable the CEU space is for those bleeding every month and how we can use the existing space in a way that could ease one’s physical discomfort. We encourage you to visit our website where you can find more information about the General context and how menstruation links to human rights, as well as about the CEU context.

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